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Mr Gallinger's Classes 2020-21

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Welcome to Mr. Gallinger's Classes for 2021-22. To check what homework or assignments you have, simply click on your class number! It's that easy! No login or password required! 


To contact Mr. Gallinger directly you can e-mail at kgallinger@nfsb.qc.ca


e-mail is checked multiple times daily Monday to Friday with the exception of holidays. 


2023-24 School Year


His 304-31


His 304-32


His 404-41


His 404-42


His 410-50







2022-23 School Year


His 304-32


History 304-34


History 404-41


History 404-43


His 504-51 War in Modern North America


Con 502-52 Contemporary World



Previous Year's Classes 2021-2022


Social Studies 114-11 (Grade 7) 2021-22


Ethics 112-11 (Grade 7) 2021-22


History 304 (Grade 9) 2021-22


History 404-41 (Grade 10)  2021-22


Contemporary World 502-51 (Grade 11) 2021-22


Financial Education 502-51 Grade 11 2021-22


Financial Education 502-52 (Grade 11) 2021-22




Previous Classes (2020-21 School Year) 


History 304-31


History 404-41


History 404-42


History 410-52 Grade 11


Contemporary World 502-51


Contemporary World 502-52


Ethics 122-13


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